Welcome to MKP Customs, a website that allows you to design your own arcade joystick. My name is Paris and I'm a Seattle gamer known as MKP. I started playing fighting games way back when Tekken 2 came out for Playstation and I also love playing Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Playing with a custom joystick gives you an advantage over using a pad because you get a true arcade feel at home, plus you get a stick tailored to your playing preferences, system preferences and personal style. Enjoy customizing everything from your wood case and artwork, to your joystick and buttons, and receive updated pictures as your stick is being built. I specialize in Korean mounted sticks, although you also have the option to choose Sanwa, Seimitsu, or Happ joysticks if you prefer.

Thanks for checking out my website and please e-mail me if you have any questions. Make sure to like my Facebook page, MKP Customs! Special thanks to FilthieRich, MarkMan and Ryan(laugh) for all the help and support.